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Product Uses

Block unwanted websites and filter porn websites from the students. Stop porn, offensive or illegal content before it appears on the students’ computer screens.
See which students are consuming network bandwidth with streaming media, file downloads, or other unacceptable Internet activity.
Significantly reduce the amount of goofing off that has grown common on most school networks. Our software can increase time on task by at least 85%.
Students often believe that rules can be bent if no one is watching. Our software ensures adherence to your school Internet policy.
Our web protecion software will record all student activity on the computer and instantly notify you whenever cyber bullying has occurred.

Business Users


It does everything Any Web Protection does and much more!

employee monitoring software


We have been using SurveilStar Any Web Protection as our Computer Monitoring Software for watching our students online. It gives us peace of mind when they go online to surf the web. SurveilStar has allowed us to monitor our kids activities from any web browser we choose. ...

SurveilStar allows our teachers to quickly, and easily view what is happening in real time on our school's entire network with a single click from one centralized location. Now we can see what students are doing in real time from a central location! ...

We can use SurveilStar to regain control of computer usage in our classrooms. See an instant snapshot of all screens in our class to make sure students are working and not surfing the Internet or playing games. View web sites visited and much more. ...


PanSpy Mobile Monitor is a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users. It allows parents monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, SnapChat, WhatsApp and many more on their children's device.

SurveilStar Any Web Protection

IE Monitoring Software to Spy IE History and Block Web
monitor ie history to protect kids on internet

Every web browser has the capability of logging the list of websites that has been visited and it is called history. It is meant as a convenient so that the user doesn’t need to type the whole address and can easily access it by clicking on the address bar drop down button. Other than that, parents and educators can also use it to monitor what website has their children and stuents visited although it is not a good method as it can be easily erased. When it comes to monitoring, exporting and selectively deleting history for Internet Explorer browser, one of a good third party tool to use is SurveilStar IE Monitoring Software

monitor yahoo messengerMonitor Browser History in Windows Internet Explorer

Windows Internet Explorer is a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and is the most widely used web browser. To monitor browser history in Internet Explorer 6.x, click the "Tools" menu, "Internet Options", click the "Settings" button, and then click the "View Files" button. To monitor browser history in Internet Explorer 7 or 8, click the "Tools" menu, "Internet Options", click the "Settings" button under the Browsing history, and then click the "View Files" button.

It's easy to delete browser history in Internet Explorer 6 or above versions. Users can delete their browsing history files by clicking the "Tools" menu, "Internet Options", and clicking the "Delete Files" or "Delete" button. Users also have the option of automatically deleting files each time they close the browser window by clicking the "Advanced" tab and checking "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" under the "Security" section.

spy yahoo messengerIt's Vital To Monitor Your Students IE History

Our students and children are getting older and they're spending a lot of time on the computer and internet. There are so many stories about online predators, online bullying and many other internet safety issues. As parents you want/need to know what your kids are doing online in order to help keep them safe (and out of trouble). SurveilStar IE Monitoring Software has been selected as Editor's Choice at PC Magazine for being the best computer monitoring software for keeping an eye on your kids while they are online.

Having the ability to monitor the web sites that your kids are visiting will provide you with insight as to what they are reading, looking and contributing to. There are many popular social networking web sites (like that allow teenagers to have a fully customizable space on the web that is free of charge. Knowing what they are posting on their “blog” is something that all parents should have serious concerns about. If they are providing personal identifiable information in their blog, you as parents need to know the second that it happens.

We believe that parents need to spend time with their children, especially when they are surfing the Internet, but we also understand that a parent cannot always be present when the child is online.

Monitor IE History and Block Inappropriate Web Contents in IE with SurveilStar IE Monitoring Software

spy ie browser history

SurveilStar IE Monitoring Software automatically records every website visited, including the date, time and number of visits. It keeps a close eye on all Internet activities the students conduct. You can easily record all the online behaviors and filter the unwanted web content on the school network by blocking entire categories of websites and white-listing some necessary websites.

Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube … Whatever website the students visit, SurveilStar IE Monitoring Software keeps a detailed record of who, when, what, how long and how often they browse the Internet. With the websites recording functionality of SurveilStar IE Monitoring Software, you can have an accurate mastery of the students’ online behavior even you are not around.

q4Record all the visited websites, URLs, captions, users, and computers to estimate users’ browsing activity

q4Block websites with URLs

q4Block students from visiting malicious, inappropriate websites or web site categories during specified time range

q4Add URLs to a Group and block web site Group during specified time range

q4Search websites visited recording by selecting time (start time/end time)

q4Provide top 10 visited websites report for administrators

q4More Features...

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quote I do really appreciate all of you have done for my students online safety! Thank you!